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2/5/2003-2/25/2003 Agora Gallery Connections to the Real, New York
9/6/2003 Hunter College MFA Studio Building Douglas Dibble Memorial Art Auction, New York
3/2/2004-3/26/2004 A.I.R. Gallery, New York
11/6/2004, 12/9/2005 Artists Space, New York
8/27-28/2005 Long Beach Arts & Crafts Show, New York
9/3/2005-10/1/2005 Long Beach Art League, New York
9/4/2005 Atlantic Beach Annual Arts Fair, New York
10/15/2005-10/30/2005 Licht Blick Art And Gallery Malverne, New York
3/2/2006 - 3/6/2006 ART EXPO, New York (Mario Novak Gallery)

Mario Novak Gallery Long Island City, New York
Audubon Art Society, New York
Long Beach Art League, New York
West End Arts, New York
Artist in Partnership, New York
Friends of Visual Arts fund at the College of Fine Arts, Boston University.

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